About Us

A Simple Solution

As an entrepreneur, my mind doesn't quit when I see a problem that needs to be solved. But, for me, it must be simple.  


The Lift Kit was born from my desire to elevate my container based plants, simply, with a telescoping pole to allow for various height options and a "table" or disk that I could put my potted flowers, plants or repotted plants on.   


I could change my flowers or plants by season, and easily bring them in from inclement weather simply by lifting them out of the container. I found I could even put décor in my containers as holidays grew near.   


Lift Up LLC

The Lift Kit is part of Lift Up LLC. Lift Up LLC is based on the bible verse (1Thes 5:11) to encourage one another and build (lift) one another up.   


With the Lift Kit, I want to do more- to not just lift plants up, but to lift others up as well.   


A donation will go to a charity of lifting others up.  This year, the Lift Kit charity is Just Like You Films. https://www.justlikeyoufilms.org


The mission of Just Like You Films (JLYF) is simple: to create a kinder, healthier world through the power of visual and immersive storytelling.  

JLYF turns dangerous stigmas into intelligence by eliminating misunderstandings around health conditions that harm millions of us including our children.  We turn ignorance into understanding by diffusing charged encounters that often lead to bullying, ostracization and can even be life-threatening.  We turn suffering into healing by eliminating shame that blocks kids and adults from getting critical physical and mental support and treatment.


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

I appreciate your business! I welcome your comments of how I can improve the Lift Kit and stories of how it has worked for you.